Pink it was love at first sight for many more than just the fans of Aerosmith’s high charted song, so much so that it’s needless to deny any degree of pink infatuation. It’s been rock star certified, before anything. 

But this dreamy color, has a certain stigma to it. Pink is sometimes read as too girly or too demure, and while it can be both of the above, there’s also a sexy and rebellious side to this tough cookie. It all depends on the estetique sense of its beholder.

Pink is more of a chameleon and rightfully so sensous by nature, as blush hues of pastel rose can add softness, warmth or depth and crass bright vibrant pink will give a very bold and edgy kick of punk.

An even more compelling argument in the pleading case of pink is this year’s Pantone release of 2016, crowning rose quartz and serenity as color of the year. Alright, fashionistas, out with Marsala, in with Rose Quartz.

A major wardrobe color this winter, pink is universally flattering, when matched with a powder-blue stretch top and a cotton candy pair of sunnies, just to name one of the fun and fierce color-combos you can try.

SeeChic gives you some of the best pink flush shades to go with a think pink attitude, from Eleven Paris Retro Cat Eyes with transparent frames to chunky matte pink Le Specs or new entry quirky mirror pink Quay Australia stunners.

The apex of the pink indulgence is reserved to juniors, as you’ll find a lot of blush sunglasses in store at brands like  Ray Ban Kids and Polaroid Junior or vibrant bubble gum sunnies at Julbo Kids.

And just as the saying goes: in a flock full of pigeons, be a flamingo.